Road to M5 Concerto


I finally got 2 Maroon5 concert tixes.  Say Y! Say A! Say Y! Y A Y!
Did you know what I’ve been through to finally got it? Well let me share… 😀

Before sale time

  • I gathered all information about the ticket price, and how to buy stuffs. Yes, I’m no longer on the twitterland, but from trusted sources I knew that Java Musikindo would only sell 100 pre-sale ticket for each class at Adrie Subono’s house on 5th of December. Meaning: I only have chance to buy online with on-sale price. Irritating, but that’s ok.
  • They’d sell the online tix on two webs, (to purchase and pay with credit card) and (to purchase and pay with bank transfer). Well…well…I had to be a bridesmaid on the 1st on-sale day, but I really want the tix. So what should I do? Should I bring a laptop and modem to the wedding?? Impossible :p I also tried not to disturbing peeps with my wish, so I made a trial  to access those two webs on my blackberry. The result was ok with jakartaconcert, I pretended to buy Deftones tix and successfully got the confirmation mail. But javamusikindo website required a fully featured browser, it wouldn’t work on blackberry. So?
  • So I begged a good friend to help me ordering the ticket via Java web on Dec 5th at 9 AM.


  • I woke my friend, he fought for the ticket on javamusikindo and I fought for ticket on jakartaconcerts. From 9 AM, both of the website servers were down. He tried for about 6 times but all failed. An on my side which was jakartaconcerts, the error message said that the website could only reply to 50 mails every hour *otakbekerja mode: on* I concluded that no matter how hard I tried to order the ticket before 10 AM (1 hour after 9 AM), I wouldn’t have a chance. I should wait until 10 AM and tried my best luck.
  • 10 AM, as planned…I tried again, and….yay! I was one of the first 50 lucky peeps who succeed until the last confirmation page on jakartaconcerts web. Next: waiting for the confirmation mail.
  • Vano, who fought with me at the same time got the confirmation mail first. Then the panic started to attack me, but luckily I finally got the confirmation mail on 12 PM. Well well, they said I should confirm my payment before 2 PM (woot!) So?
  • So…guess what I did to catch the limited time? Since I was on the wedding, I asked my friend, Fandi who brought a motorcycle to bring me to ATM BCA. And that day surprisingly he took his neighbor’s motorcycle which was a Honda Tiger. Crap! I had be hitchhiked on the Tiger wearing kebaya, also kept bbm-ing Vano to beg him (who had already confirmed his payment first) to confirm for my payment. I asked him because my blackberry battery has shown red-empty battery alert as I tortured it to fight for the ticket before. And…
  • The payment, also the confirmation was ok, thanks Fandi and Vano 😀 But I still have to wait for the last confirmation mail *finger crossed* Besides, at night I heard that Adrie Subono confirmed that all the tickets had been sold out. Have I won the ticket already? Unsure.

D-day after

I finally got the final confirmation document that should be exchanged with the real ticket on April 26th 2011. Fyuh… Alhamdulillah 🙂

Captured from M5 official website, even 90% of the shows schedule before 27 April have not been sold out yet. CRAZY Indonesian!

Last thing

I have to ensure that I’ll get my leave permission on the concerto day.
Dear bosses, please be nice…should I ask you to read this post first to allow me take one day leave? *wink*


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