How Much Will You Spend on Bag? – Q to all bagperson

Shopping Advice from a Financial Advisor

After reading the above article…I feel relieved…Sooooo, I still deserve my Kate Spade bag kaaaan? 😉 I consider myself as a smart shop-a-holic *booooo*, ooooh…my future husband must be a lucky man (from financial perspective) 😉 Even since I was in kindergarten, I never gave my parents the-I-want-it-please-buy-it-for-me look or whimper. I knew that we have to buy things with money, and my parents have to work to earn some…I just knew it. I was am whiny but not in “shopping” side. I bought my first so-called-smart-phone-Nokia-E63 and my first so-called-only-500K-branded-bag-charles-and-keith after I earned my own salary. Alhamdulillah 🙂

But now I’m wondering, will I have any 10 mio bag if I decide not to continue working someday? wkwkwkwk :))


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