Meet Lexie Grey

Alexandra Caroline Grey, a.k.a Lexie Grey, is a fictional character from romantic-medical-TV-series Grey’s AnatomyGA is one of my all-time-favorite US Serial beside HIMYM, and Lexie…she’s one of my favorite character.


But here’s another Lexie…Yes, she’s my first car! My long-time-dream-car-suzuki-swift 🙂 And I named her Lexie, just simply because she’s grey, and I love Grey’s Anatomy *bah* :p

She’s the one I posted in this tumblr as Kaskus FJB link. Luckily the previous owner didn’t sell her in a rush (they obviously doesn’t need money in a hurry) So it’s my destiny to meet and purchase her, and I think she’s perfectly healthy 🙂 Alhamdulillah…

PS: This also made my another wishlist checked – although she’s not red :p I changed my mind



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