Bag Person Looking for Some Cheap Shoes

I want need…

A pair of red shoes, and a pair of denim casual shoes.

What? Need a reason?

I have a nice red leather bag, and I “will” have a nice navy bag. Pretty clear? Or should I clearly state that I want need shoes that match with my bag?

I know, inappropriate reason 😐  girls will always have those reasons to flip “wants” to “needs”

After a long walk on Senayan City yesterday, I concluded that I wouldn’t find any pair of nice shoes that cost me less than 200K (Remember Lexie? It’s her who makes me set this price criteria). Then I remembered a popular local webstore that sell cheap and cute flatties (but I never had a perfect desire to shop there before :p).

And just now…I did some click, ordered them T.T

picture from
The red one looks edgy while the denim one is more basic 🙂

I finally made my order after I try on some of their collection at GI. They sell a few of their collections in some offline store. I tried first to make sure the materials, sizing, and comfortability. And for their price, the quality is vewwy good 🙂 Eh, have I mention the price? It’s only IDR 145K on the webstore, pocket friendly eh? 😉

Based on some reviews I read on FD I found that their faux patent leather shoes (the one that shiny and looks like plastic) usually not comfortable to use (hurts your feet). Also, their sizing is a little bit different from basic girl shoe sizing (my size is 37 or 7 for Charles & Keith, Steve Madden, Crocs, and even iwearup – don’t have time to review iwearup here yet, maybe next time…they’re a good local brand!). For Wondershoe, my size is 38 for soft material or 39 for harder material. So I ordered 38 for the suede-alike red ones and 39 for the denim one.

As a bag person I really hope that those shoes I order will fit perfectly. Because as a girl I still need some nice shoes, but I love bag more. I care to spend more money for bag, but not for shoes…so please cheapy shoes…be nice to match my lovely bags :*


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