Merumput – Bendera

Bendera – original song by Cokelat

This is what we call “merumput”. Playing at 11th floor hook. No band name (til now). Just for fun (nothing serious, til now).

Pardon the bad video quality (it was the 1st time I record us, using my-not-so-smart-blackberry-phone)
Pardon that we’re still practicing the song
Pardon that the sounds come from separated amplifier (unwell mixed)
Pardon my shrill voice! Ha!

Ok, now let me introduce my JFF band-mates (as usual, in semi-fictive special nicknames… I never use any real names if I post about my friends here)

  • Ongky on keyboard (the only well-educated musician here, have no idea how to coordinate the “toning” without him :p)
  • Mr. K, one of my bestest O-buddy on drum (he’s a great drummer, no wonder…he’s a genius IT engineer cumlauders). I’ve already posted a lot about him in this tumblr…
  • Yusti on guitar – how can I handle my project(S) without him? *oot to works stuffs :p
  • Bangjek on guitar/male vocal (he is the best male singer at PLM!)
  • Mr. Gadget on bass
  • Me on female vocal (also a fussy manager…to push…because the boys are sometimes too lazy to fight if the studio-ing procedures is difficult)

Speaking about my role here -_- eerrr… Well..The boys have been really nice by letting me sing, since I know my speaking voice is…as people said…shrill horrible

The only thing that helps is the fact that I know tone (means that I know when people – or me- are pitchy, reach or not reach the desired tone), and I can shoot the right tone on the beginning of a song. That’s it. Mmm…one more thing to brag :p I know how to split voice part on a duet harmony (but just duet, three parts harmony are kinda difficult).


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