Lilypad & Marshmellow


30 Day How I Met Your Mother Challenge

Day 4. Favorite Lilipad/Marshmallow moment

Lily: God, I missed you.
Marshall: I can’t sleep without you. Hey, baby, would you be the big spoon for a while?
Lily: Sure, baby.
Marshall: How’s the weight gaining going?
Lily: Ugh, terribly. I’m too stressed out without you around.
Marshall: Mm. Well, I’m here now.
Lily: Mmm.
Marshall: Mmm!

Older Ted: And so Lily and Marshall failed in their experiment with apartness, but they did succeed in getting Lily into her dress.

2.20 Showdown

And this is what a couple should be! Ah…also love the big spoon-little spoon term here :p


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