Welcome to J, L!

Finally Mom & Dad gave me permission to take my dear Lexie to Jekardaaah! Yay!
Here are some stories behind :p

1. Highway trial – Sunday

I drove for ONLY 15kms before Tol-Dalam-Kota as my Mom said again and again “Don’t try to drive on the highway, Neng”
Boa (my highschool bestie): Nye, more gas…
Me: HOW? It’s 90kmh already!!!! You make me panic
(about 1 hour before)
Boa: Your car is good for racing…you know? I’ll try it (woooossshh…)
Me: (shocked) 

2. Jekarda trial – Sunday

Me: Mom told me to do a simulation, from my dorm to the office, then park in the basement, then going back to my dorm… Guide me, will ya?? I’ll drive you home 😀
Boa: No problem… Don’t forget to blablablabla, and no… you will not drive me home… (He’s a fussy teacher, also the best male driver at my class) :p 

3. Real traffic 1st Attempt – Monday


I was still on my period, so I woke up at 6am when I read a bbm message from Boa: “Nye, you should go to your office at 6am…you can start to go at 7 after you can drive better in Jakarta
Then I replied: “What? I just woke up -_-“


Damn it I couldn’t start the engine… I couldn’t turn the key :-S
Calling Boa – No answer
Calling Vano“Nnya, the steering wheel was locked so you should blablablabla” (yeah…that was embarrassing…but he’s Vano anyway…too many foolish things I did already with him, righty right?) 

….And Alhamdulillah the traffic was nice to me, it took me 40 minutes until I parked well.

4. Going Home 1st Attempt  – Monday

Date dinner with Mbak Ay at Pizza Hut Pejaten, and drove her home to Pancoran…
MbakAy: I think you’re a good driver (then she tweeted about me driving pretty well -_-)
Me: Stop the compliment…it will make me drive worse :-S
(bbm message received)
Boa: Nye, how’s going back home journey?
Me: It went fine! That’s very kind of you, Bo! :’)

It’s nothing but a milestone to me…
Hope everything will be better and we’ll be safe here 🙂


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