If you have dreams…

Write them down…

That’s what a neighbor manager said to me when we talked about me-finally-bought-Lexie.

I always write my target on my book, and somehow they become more achievable… as I always think about it and fight to make it happen.

Then I said…

Hey, same with me… I wrote about my dream car a lot on my blog

As can be browsed hereherehere, and here, I had been written a lot about it, even when I still didn’t know how to get the cash :)) I also crazily hunted for swift die cast, and finally found a red 1:43 one on ebay (1st time shopping at ebay, yay!), put it on my cubicle and hoped it would be 1:1 one day. Ah.. there were still a lot more crazy things I did before I bought Lexie, too shy too many to mention :p

Another story…

Flew back to my childhood, I had a silly habit when I was in kindergarten. If I wanted things, I wrote it with boardmarker on the floor tile, closed it with sajadah, prayed on top of it, and erased it after praying. With God blessing, some of my prayers were granted. I forgot when I stopped doing it, but I knew that I stopped it after I realized the illogicalness.

Now I think that wrote-on-the-floor-thingy is like a subconscious suggestion to fight for the things I wanted as a kid. Yah-maybe-just-maybe??!

So…I think the quotes “When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” is not too much** Is it?

**Yah, little stars addition just like company’s promotions :)) with strict but simple T & C, you’ll achieve things as long as you fight and God pass His blessing. When God doesn’t give it, it might be bad for you or He’ll postpone it for you 🙂


Just now…

Me: Mas… yang waktu itu lo bilang tentang kalo punya target sebaiknya ditulis itu, lo dapet darimana ya?
Him: Hmm… adalah gw diajarin seseorang, tapi gw juga ga tau dia dapet darimana…
Me: Oh, mantan lo yang kata lo jago itu ya? Hahahahahahaha (rese)
Him: Hahahaha (tawa terjebak)


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